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filephoto-obama-11It seemed innocent enough. In a basement room of a Queens apartment complex, we celebrated the first birthday of a cute little boy with more hair than me. There was plenty of food, including vegetables and water, which is pretty much my diet. I felt right at home.

Elmo was there … as were the seven people who thought George W. Bush did a good job as president. My mistake? Questioning their sanity. It took a great escape in the 2003 VW Golf to get out alive. Here’s what I learned:

1) We in the media are God-damn socialists.

2) We’re about to become a welfare state

3) How dare we take money from people just because they make, say, $50 million a year. Socialist!

4) This economy wasn’t nearly as bad when Bush was president.

5) Mega-dittos, y’all.

6) We won the war in Iraq back in 2003.

To a bystander it must have looked like one of those old-time World Wrestling Federation matches where three bad guys take turns slamming the steel chair against the good guy’s skull. Where was Hillbilly Jim when you need him?

Anyway, the RNC meeting I stumbled into aside, it was a great time. A real pleasure. But I leave them tonight with some comfortable bed-time reading.

First, here’s the New York Times story today that reports most AIG bonus recipients have given back the extra check. Look at what a little shame will do.

And this from CNBC, where the latest Geithner/Obama plan seemed to go over well on Wall Street, home of the finest Americans. It looks like our president has some street cred, though to be fair the plan to buy up bad assets was also floated by some Republicans.

Let freedom ring.


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